Annelie Wendeberg

Annelie Wendeberg

(Indie-) writer + microbiologist

Annelie Wendeberg

»Keep it up, just do it!«

Where do you live?

In the beautiful valley of the Mulde, Saxony.

The Mulde

What's the last song you've heard?

»Esmeralda« by Ben Howard

Any hobbies?

What are you talking about?

Holy shit …
Holy Shit_665x960
Himmel un Äd (Heaven and Hell, so to speak ;-)

What political reform has been a major step forward?

So far there has been none. Such a progress would translate to: »Yup, we’ve figured out this thing called climate change and we know what to do about it. And we actually do it.«

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Is there anything you like best?

Yes. Tolerance and intelligence.

Me like …

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